Product Range



1)             2182y, 2183y, 2192y,3182y,3184y,h03vv-f,h05v2v2-f,3185y, 3183tq flexible, flex PVC Ordinary duty flexible cords. General purpose flexible cords for domestic installation and appliances.

2)             2491x, equipment wire, h05v-k,h07v-k,2491b Vast stock portfolio of panel wiring cable applications.

3)             318b,318_b,318Xb, lsoh,ls0h,lsf, lsoh flex, lszh flex, lszh Flexible cable for installations in public areas eg hospitals, hotels, shopping centres, airports. For installation where fire, smoke emission and toxic fumes create a potential threat to life.

4)             bs6004, conduit wire - PVC Conduit Wiring. Primarily for use within conduit or trunking but may also be used where suitable protection against mechanical damage exists.

5)             panel wire switchgear cable tri-rated, tri rated,ul6381y, double insulated leading supplier of tri-rated cables which are used in panel wiring and switchgear installations

6)             rail signalling, signaling track feeder Supplier of Network Approved infrastructure cables

7)             20kv cable, 45kv cable, 66kv cable, 110kv cable, 275kv cable Project experience in supplying medium and high voltage cable & systems


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